Nya The Rogue

The Journal of Now
2002-01-28 23:05:40 (UTC)

Another Day

Today was an average day.That test I was talking about is
actually not till tomorrow.We just got an email saying that
the mother of the puppies that would soon be born may be
like a week late.*sigh*The next litter might come before
hers.*double sigh*I guess I have to wait.*very long
sigh*Ok, I'll stop while Im ahead.I just need something to
take my mind off the excitement.Thats why I started a
journal.Writing may take my mind off things.
Congratualations to me!I made it through two days of
journal writing and I havent quit!Thats a good start.Is it
really a good idea to have a journal on the internet?The
right people could probably break the code and read all my
personal stuff!Ah whatever.I dont usually write anything
personal in a journal.I keep that stuff in my mind just in
case.Plus if any DID read something personal on the web
nobody knows who I am!Mwahaha!Sorry, a little bored.Ok, a
little more than a little bored.Really bored.I sound like
one my best friends.I'll give her a code
name...Hmmm...*laughs mischeiviously*Hyper.That suits her
perfectly..Well, Hyper's dad deleted her AOL Instant
Messanger account so we cant chat anymore.She lives far
away so we can never hang out.My dad suggested her getting
ICQ.He said that with that you can chat with AOL members,
MSN, and some other service members.
Wow, such a regular day and I wrote all this.I guess I
like to type more than I like to write.It is 2002.The
generation of computers.I resently started reading the book
Oliver Twist.So far its pretty good.It does get confusing
in some parts though.Dickens is one detailed writer.I hope
I can write a book that would be remember over
generations.One book is all I ask.Think about it!A load of
Charles Dicken's books are still popular today.And didnt he
write them in like the 1800s?Oliver Twist is a cool
character so far.Though I think he shouldnt be such a cry
baby.But wouldnt know.I wasnt born into a workhouse, having
to live in an orphanage all my life on one bowl of gruel a
day.But wouldnt that toughen a fellow?Ah well.
Yeesh!Where did the top of my entry go.Boy, I never knew
I had so much to say!Am I done?Actually I have one more
thing to say.I made a roleplaying message board.Its called
Roleplaying Bazaar.I have plenty of sections.Medieval.Video
game themes.Even a Middle Earth one.Thats for the Lord of
the Rings series.I havent read all the books.Just the
Hobbit.I did see the first movie they made though.It was
great!So much action!Great story!Funny too!Mom thought it
was depressing.In a way it was, but it was still great.They
already made three of the movies matching the three
books.The end of the movie was like a cliff hanger.I cant
wait untill they come out with the next one.I better give
my typing fingers a rest before I bust the keyboard.I
should also stop before I write my entire life story.Must
save some stuff for my next entry.See ya(who am I saying
bye too?)

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