Randi Lynn

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2002-01-28 22:37:43 (UTC)

how Exciting!

I wake up, at 8:00 cuz like, I have late arrival today ..i
dun ahve to get on teh school bus until 9:50AM
So i get ready and I got online cuz i got nuttin else ta
do..Woo. lol. Anyway, So When i get to school, I oz
standing there, really jump like i always am, and im
luaghin at my friend who just got scared to death cuz our
frined Cassie Ran up to her and jumped on her
screaming "HIII!!!". And I turn my head, the other way, and
i see mah frined dan Standin there, and id dint knw anyone
was tehre, and it takes a few moments for it to click that
someoen iz standing there. And then I Jump cuz..I dont knwo
why, I guess I wasjust surpruied, and i said "AHH!!" lol,
x.x, and Right when i said it, I see Alexi rolling his eyes
at me or something. I think mabey he thought i jumped cuz i
saw him? lol. Well then befroe i go to fifth period, i
relized, I dont ahve fifth period i ahve lunch! because I
didnt know that thise Semester i have first lunch adn a
diff Class! so i go stand in the lobby staring at the
ciealing. then I start talkin to Chritine. And robyn calls
christine over to her, and Christine goe s"I gotta go,
Robyn wants me" adn wanders away. Looks like robyn has
another pet, and its not me this time. I remember being the
same way. Then i see laraua with AJ's sis, and I figure, I
guess Ill go talk to her..Got nuthin else to do. So i go
talk to her, and she tells me how her mom had a nervous
break down and is on Medication but isnt taking it, and how
she talks about green monkies and purple aliens. And THEN i
go to my 5th period class, First day ive been to the calss
all year, and I mean, I Switched to it, becasue its a full
year cllass and i join at hlf year. so when i get there, My
bros friend is in teh class. and he tells me im in Dereks
seat x.x So i moved to a diff place. And tehn..when class
starts, my teacher, who had me last year, mr. Chasse,
yells.."RANDI MACK! How Are Ya?!" and EVERYONE turns their
attention to me. Lol, it was Great. I got a 100 on my
computer Midterm, and an 84 on my English midterm.