a little piece of me
2002-01-28 22:33:49 (UTC)

metals :)

today all that crap was due for metals class. the teacher
came around to each of us while we were working on our
samples and went through our sketchbooks. she told me i
had a lot of really nice drawings. she liked all my ideas,
and approved my three favorite ones (one is chinese-esque,
another zebra patterned, and the third is a spider dealy).
now we have to make 3D models of them for class on
wednesday. she's going to come around and check them out
like she did today. so, at least my hard work paid off and
the teacher liked my ideas. now i just have to decide
which one to do for my final piece. i'll see how they go
when i put them together. i'll go with the easiest :)

hum, what else? i have to go to class in half an hour. i
hate night classes with a passion, especially this one. i
just spent a good couple hours reading the bible. i
actually knew pretty much everything (big surprise). i
didn't realize how much i knew. this part shouldn't be so
bad then. maybe i won't fail the class afterall. i don't
care one way or the other. actually, i'm shooting for a
d. hehe, anything better would be nice.

well, i'm going to work on my metals sample (it's also due
wed), so that's it for now.