Angela Nicole

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2002-01-28 22:17:43 (UTC)


I don't really know how I feel right now.. Im a little
hurt and kinda angery.. Matt and I had our first I'm not
sure what to call it, it wasnt a fight but it was
something. See he live in Maine and I live in TX which is
fine I dont mind the long distance. But his parents can't
know about me, making it hard for us to talk on the phone..
I don't know why its such a big deal to me that we do but
it is.
Well, last night I just really needed to talk to
someone my gramma is dying and I was just having a bad day
in general. So I asked him to call me.. He told me the
usually that he can't cause of his parents.. So I was like
ok we can just wait till they go to bed.. STILL he said no.
Basically I was just pist off by then... and said
something stupid.. I was like maybe we should break up just
till I can move to Boston.. I'm sure that hurt him alot (
IM SORRY I DIDNT MEAN IT MATT).. So we contined to discuss
it. We were both very hurt and crying by then. So the
conversation really wasn't getting anywhere I was like just
call me and we can talk about it on the phone.. It always
helps me just to hear the persons voice. He said no again
then told me he wanted to leave.. I WAS SO HURT.. But I
guess he couldn't tell.. So he left .. We ended it on a
sorta good note better then we were going before.
I wrote him 2 e-mails today he hasnt even checked
them. I woke up early just to come on the computer and see
if he e-mailed me back.. I just feel like I try alot harder
then he does. I'm willing to move to Boston, I would
totally stay up till all hours of the night waiting for
him, I try to come on here every morning so when he gets
home from school he can read an e-mail from me.. and all I
get is that if I cant figure out how to handle not talking
on the phone then maybe we arnt gonna work. I'm not saying
he doesnt to anything he stays home sometimes to talk to me
to.. I dunno.. I still want to be with him.. I hope he
feels the same way.. Well I'm gonna go


ps.. Matt I love you

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