Insensitive Kitten

Insensitive Kitten
2001-04-21 19:10:06 (UTC)

...lovely thoughts within lovely thoughts within lovely thoughts within....

"If I broke would I shatter into a million pieces or melt
into the world...or simply utter one last whimper and hurn
out like a candle..?"

That is the word I use to describe the dear life I live in
and the little lambs (Oh, yes I mean people) that skip
along to the beat of the same drum.
I know that wasn't very enlightened nor amusing...but don't
you worry...I wasn't trying to make it that way.
Here we go...another rant. Amazing. I didn't even last two
days.....but anyway....
I hate....(Don't you love those two words?)
I hate people that get more attention complaining loudly
about their illness then people who sit there
calmly...probably in more pain....die quietly in their
minds and get no attention for it.
I've come to the conclusion that people who suffer quietly
are the people who actually need the attention.
The people who complain and complain just want the
Ah....where do I fall with these two extremes?
Well, the only place I bitch and whine would be
I'd say I'm the quiet sufferer (is that a word?)
I was going to put in a "for instance" situation but I
think I've explained it well enough.
Haven't I?

Was any of that enlightened? all?
No...I didn't think so

Note to Self: Be more enlightened next time god damnit!!!

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