LeaMarie Roquet

Priestess Of Fire
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2002-01-28 21:57:37 (UTC)

Can't stand the heat, so go into the basement...

It's kinda what the title should be. I got home today from
school, and the thermometer was set for 78蚌!!! It's frying
up there. I understand that sometimes people get cold, and
that's fine. Around here though, you can turn up the
thermostat to 71蚌 and after that you can put on some more
clothes or take a hot bath!!!

Ok, onto more pleasent things. This week the school is
celebrating Winter Carnavile. Today's theme was "I'm
Tired", meaning you got to wear you pj's. SC asked me why I
wasn't whearing mine, Zina asked to a bit later, and Tiki
and I both told them that most of my night stuffs isn't
apporpriate for school. Sounds like the boy's night clothes
are like that too. ^_^ Tomorrow's theme is class colors. Our's is
blue. I think I've got enough of that in my closest. It's odd, for
some one who devolets as much time as she can to FIRE, I sure own a
lot of blues and greens, blacks, and greys... *Shruggs* Oh well. I
think I'm going to go to the dance, but I'm not sure yet. Deffanitly
not the basketball game. That's one sport I can't even pretened to
like much. Way to many bad memeories from P.E. class...@_@
Dad let me use his credit card again, so I could do some ordering
online. I ordered some now mangas. Nothing fancy, just PKMN. Like I
said nothing fancy.

Well...I really should get around to doing some of the
other stuff that I planned on doing right now. So, I'll
talk to you later.