No Matter How Hard I Try...
2002-01-28 21:56:32 (UTC)

everything falls

everything is falling apart and I just dont get it. Nick
and Jessica are breaking up, everyone is lying and things
are getting weird. I dont like it. i dont know how to put
everything. lol. i love all, my friends though. you guys
rock. and andy and i are talking again which is good.
ok, things are going aorund from Matt that i made out with Josh,
which luckly Josh is an honest guy and he told Andy it wasn't true.
Good thing Andy says something.

nick and Jess are breaking up. i feel bad for Jess cuz it really
hurts her (love you Jess) but i think it just might be whats best
before they get more attached.

dad might move again which is weird.

this whole mary thing is annoying.

I'll stop complaining. lol.