My Life (Condensed Version)
2002-01-28 21:18:04 (UTC)

Nothing new... for now

now that i've patched things up a little with Julianne, i
am feeling a little better, but not really, i'm still
hurt. When I think about it, i realy don't know how this
little spat started, maybe it wasn't even necessary, but i
just let all my hurt feelings flood out, i was glad that i
had Kel & Becca to talk to and, that they felt the same
way i did... well, sorta still do... but now i know i can
just share ANYTHING with them. it's sorta silly, i've
knownn kel only since the beginning of this year, and
she's become my best friend, and same with Becca, i've
what, gone to church with her since 4th grade and didn't
really even know her until now! from the worst of things
can so forthcome the best of things i guess.

but i am getting tons of homework lately, and i have a
game tonight so i will leave it at that for now...

Later Days,