Corey's Chronicles: How to Surivive
2002-01-28 19:11:06 (UTC)

Social Skills - Lesson 1: How to Make Friends

I looked around at the few familar I knew, and a
silly little blond boy waved at me. I didn't know blondie,
and I didn't want ot know him either. I had a boyfriend,
and didn't care about these people. I waved at the little
boy and got a to-go box and headed back to my room. I
walked past signs for different clubs and events that I
thought I would enjoy. All the stuff happened during the
week, and those were the days my boyfriend, Dirk, came back
from his visits home. I would have to skip those because I
rather hang out with Dirk. All weekend long, I continued
the pattern of going to the cafeteria, not speaking ot
anyone and then, coming back to my room to study.
By the end of the weekend, I bawled my eyes out from
Dirk deprivation. Dirk came back Sunday afternoon, and
said, "Is this what you do everyday? You come back to your
room, don't talk ot anyone, and study all the time? You
need freinds to hang out with. I'm not always going to be
here." Dirk infurated and embarrassed me. He seemed to
think I couldn't make friends if I wanted to. Dirk thought
I didn't have a life, like I sat around waiting for him all
day. "Listen, if you can keep a lunch schedule with these
people, you can call them up when you want ot hang out,"
Dirk said. Damnit. I didn't want to hang with anyone but
Dirk. Then, he left. I only talked to him for 30 minutes
all weekend.
Just to show Dirk, I decided to take his advice. I
didn't know who to talk to, until Chemistry class. Lauren
waddled up to me and said, "Hey, me and my roommate see you
at breakfast every morning." Every morning, I met Lauren
and her roommate at breakfast. That was just the start of