lindsay ann

somewhere in between
2002-01-28 19:04:59 (UTC)

one day

one day is all it take to change everything. ahh 24 hours
have so much power. right now i am just lamenting the fact
that a day ago i was playing soccer in the "flurries" and
now i'm typing one-handed in the school library. raaaar.
haha the good news is that today my math teacher was
telling us that we don't have to take pre-cal next
year...ahh so i might take advanced logical math err
something & then i won't have the stress of HATING a class
like that. so that's good.

but now i muse at the idea that my life is just a series of
psycho transforming days followed by my recovery &
preparation for the next set of days. deep? yes. maybe
i'll write a poem about my deep dark feelings. or maybe not.