Joey has Turtle Power
2002-01-28 18:55:51 (UTC)

It's HIS fault!!!!!!!

So.. I kind of missed school today. I've been pretty good
at my routine.. Wake up at 6... get on the road towards
school at 6:45. It's been working well... exCEPT when
people pressure you to stay up (11:30) waaaaaaaaaay past
your bedtime (9:30-10)... making me forget to set my
alarm... and sleep through the first hour of school. UH-OH.
I can't start this again! I've got to be strict on myself.
But hey, I actually DID my homework. That's a good thing.
That's one step better than what i was pulling at CCCC.
Toby did it. "Oh Joey, just stay. blah blah it's early
blah blah." well, i'm usually the one saying those
words... but things they have a-changed. I was having the
time of my life just working from 2-6. No school, nothing.
Party every night until 1 or 2am, and wake up in just
enough time to get ready for work and leave! That's the
life. BUT.... If I continued that way of life... 4 years
down the road i won't be making jack shit.. and if i get
this schooling under my belt, in 4 years I'll be making
ATLEAST 60,000... S T A R T I N G P A Y. Now doesn't that
sound lovely? I think so. Tomorrow: I go to school.

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