Lil. Playful
2002-01-28 18:47:00 (UTC)


Danger zone why well tomorrow my poor boyfriend has to
meet my dad the one person that all boyfriends hate (some
do) well im scared to death just to think what might happen
its a bit funny to because i can see my dad giving us both
this big speech on love and everything that is "bad" well
what do you want he is a dad and all dads are like that
(maybe some are mine is) well anyways ive ben so busy
lately since i have to record this C.D. for my church i
dont have much time for myslef lately.(Ahhhhhhhhh) dont you
hate that all you can think about is school, work,
realationships, church, practice and no time for you well
thats me these last few days. its hard but i hope eveything
does slow down a bit.
finals are tomorrow and i do need to study much more but
im not worried their multipul choice. hehe so the 22yr old
that has been my problem for the longest time asked me to
marry him on saturday....hell no!! gosh me who understands
them sometimes? well enough i should go and "try" to study
a least a little before i mess up again.