my entity
2002-01-28 17:59:05 (UTC)

those were the days :)

i really dunno what brought me into thinking some flying
colors part of my high school days.

while riding an ordinary bus on my way to work a couple of
hours mind suddenly brought me back to the scene
where I was participating a Science Investigatory Project
Contest. The goal of the said contest was to create an
experiment pertaining to environmental development and that
we should think of certain procedures for a certain
activity that will resolve a problem. I just recalled how
nervous I was then to the point that I confessed my teacher
already to back out from the contest. I told my teacher
that I dont think I can make it since I was scared with my
competitors, the way they look and the way they act. I
thought that all of 'em are too intelligent and that I told
myself that I'll lose the game.

funny how my teacher reacted and i can still remember the
exact lines that comes into her mouth, "Gaga! mga wala ring
alam yang mga yan, nagpapanggap lang! Kaya mo yan! pare-
pareho lang naman kayo!" and because of that...i go on with the
battle :)

at the end of the competition, both of us were shocked when
my name was called and my experiment was awarded as
the "Most Innovative Methodology of the Year"....
whoaaa...that was tough! hehehe.... from then on, I started
believing in myself and in my own strengths and abilities.

btw, just in case you were wondering what's my project all
about...its about rats and muzzels infected with "red-
tide". i thought how "red-tide" would be helpful for giving them to rats....


take note of this :

"People become really quite remarkable when they start
thinking that they can do things. When they believe in
themselves they have the first secret of success."


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