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2002-01-28 17:34:41 (UTC)

A Debut Q.A.F Poetic Moment

Spiral Empathy
I need him.....I want him
I yearn for him
My desire runs deep....heart pounds
My blood echoes within my head
As it flows through my veins
My lust is fire...it burns my soul.

He does not even see me...notice me
I lay at night and feel his touch
Shivers chill along my spine
His breath burning hot against my neck
I need him....I want him
I yearn

He does not even notice...He can not feel me
What a pity selfish man
I scream in silent cries
Need me...hear me...want me
Fear for me ,for all sake
Fear with me what could be
Just once

All...forever..hear my silent screams
As I need...want...yearn
Explore me
Feel the fire
Taste the salt
Run warm
Downward spiral

Just once need...want...yearn
See me, please notice
Sense me...take me....free me
Just once
Just once
Hear my silent screams...feel the fire
Burning so hot
Free me...free me

Hell's hottest fury
Release my pain
Just once
Taste my lips...free me
Touch me
Just once

I must taste him
Feel his lips to mine
Not the kiss of death
But to life
Hear my silent scream
Just once
Release my pain...Free me

This has not yet been posted to Q.A.F message board but it
will be...Figured since it will be requested that I post it
here anyway..Why not let it make it's debut here?Damn,the
poetic extension of myself strikes again.

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