2002-01-28 17:25:45 (UTC)

Yet another Q.A.F Poetic moment

From my Heart

With my heart...pure and true
A gift of me..I give to you
From here and now..through all lifes journeys
In sickness..health,..to weakend old bodies

A promise to forever love..honor..cherish
Our love so true..it shall never perish
I am yours and you are mine
Our hearts together joined..until the end of time

The smile on my face
The tears that stain my face
Through every painfull,..joyous moment
My love for you..... infinite

With this ring,this symbol of union
No beginning..no end , together growing as one
Everything that I am , or will ever be
Is yours..In the eyes of all to see

Those of us that dare to chance...are forever blessed be....

Yet another request has been placed here.Again orginally
posted by me at the Q.A.F message board.Again under the
mistressFirePoet extension of myself.Those of you who watch
the show will understand the Poetic Expressions..Those of
you that do not..will find it to be jibberish~laughs~