2002-01-28 17:16:27 (UTC)

Another poetic Q.A.F moment

A Tie that Binds

Thread by thread,through joy and tears
Carefully woven for thirty years
A woven yard of youth..truth..beauty

A rediscovered youth,in a lovers eye
Friendships stood tried and true
Extreme pleasures of a legend...immortalized
A suppressed feared emotion...recognized

Now it dangles around ones neck
Hidden..concealed..it dangles
To his heart..its nearest
To forever remember what is dearest

From pains unapologized..to the ridiculously romantic
To a surrendered lovers kiss in public
The tie that binds, is his yearning...his link
To something he wants so badly...it hurts
Something he will never allow himself to keep

mistressFirePoet is yet another yahoo messenger name of
mine~sighs~ for I have many....This was originally posted on the
Q.A.F message board by me..But per request I posted it here.

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