i hope i die!!!

Life aint worth livin
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2001-04-21 16:35:13 (UTC)

my ~"friends"~

i hate my life. my friends all hate me. life is shit!!! i
wish i could just go curl up somewhere ... and go to sleep
and not wake up for a few years ... that would b good. im
bein accused of bein a goth coz i wear eyeliner & listen 2
limp bizkit & stuff, & ocassionaly marilyn manson ... i
mean come on iv got blonde hair, how un-gothic can u get?
iv not got nethin against goths beleive me, a lot of my
friends r so-called "goths", its as if im not allowed my
own way of lookin, as if i have 2 look the way i have 4
like a year & the way every1 else looks, and listen 2 the
music they listen 2 ... i just wanna b different, i hate
bein like every1 else, its just so borin ... thats one
reason im glad i aint goin out wiv db nemore. he never
really let me do what i wanted ... but im pretty different
now, iv changed a lot in the space of a month ... over the
space of four years iv managed 2 go from insecure & shy to
not caring wot ne1 thinks of me ... a lot of it is thanks 2
my best budz, whov helped me a lot!!!
well i gotta go, thanx 4 lettin me moan i feel a bit better
now :)
luv bizkit girl

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