The Life and Troubles of an Orange Peel!
2002-01-28 16:14:40 (UTC)

"Bad boys bad boys...whatch gonna do when they come for you.."(part II)

I dont know...i am so lost for titles so i thougt why not
make a PART II!!!..ok well i passed my U.S History Midterm
with a 74..Ashley Friend got a 75!!! can you beleive that!
Miss popular/Mr.Blacks FAVORITE STUDENT got a 75!!i am sooo
happy!..except for the fact that we started swimming in gym
and i didnt know that and i had to barrow..*yuck* oh well i
survived so far i have passed all my classes..mostly with
70's but hey..its passing..ok wellI had so much fun
yesterday Mary and i sewed together a skirt and we went to
Wal-Mart and got EVEN MORE fabric for $1.00 a yard.. lots
of fun there! well we should really do more sewing
together Mary!...oh and just to let you all know that the
game Trivia Persute (or however you spell it) Genus version
5 is a conspericy created by a Russian Ronald Reagan who
loves to knit! well since i am out of stuff to
type i am going to go now sooo i'll talk to you later