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2002-01-28 15:32:02 (UTC)

States suck

ok so i meet this really great guy and hes really awsome...
but he lives in cali... on the west coast when i'm on hte
east coast... its not fair! hes really awsome and he likes
me... why can't n e of the guys here be like him... i'm not
sayin that guys shuld like me i'm just sayin that i want a
guy exactly like andrew... its not fair! my cousin actually
lives in the same city as andrew, but if i met him my
parents would kill me! so i dunno i suppose i'll hafta wait
the year and a half till college to see him if we go to the
same school... oh welll i feel retarded for liking him cos
hes so far away and on the innternet, but oh well... i also
feel retarded writing in this fucking diary so... yea byes

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