My Life
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2002-01-28 14:35:56 (UTC)

he didn't come over...

Terry called me while I was getting ready for Alpha
yesterday and I for some reason was kind of irritated with
him. I couldn't curl my hair with him on the phone and i
felt like he had nothing to say...... so it was kind of
quiet. So then he said, well, i guess I'll let you go. Not
one word about coming to see me after Alpha. So I got home
from Alpha and then went and did my pet-sitting and then
when i came home, he called again. He was driving to the
dock of his a.m. delivery. I said, "so i guess you aren't
coming over". It just bugged me.

Chris called me last night, i called him back, he called
again while i was on the phone with Terry so I didn't call
back because i thought it was too late. So the phone rings
at 5:20, 6 minutes before my alarm is to go off and it's
Chris! He apologized, said he thought I said I was up early,
which I am, but it was fine. I teased him and said, "You're
calling me this early to cancel?" and he said, "Oh no, I'm
looking forward to tonight". Well I am too. It's going to be
really cold too. I hope it goes well.


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