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~*Stumbling Through Life*~
2001-04-21 15:44:16 (UTC)

Birthday : )

Happy Birthday to ME! Wednesday was my BDAY and Queen and
Grandfather took me to the mix. So far, I have gotten $200
for my BDAY and 2 more checks are in the mail!!! lalalala
well my party is on Saturday, but I feel like with all this
shit thats going on, its not very well organized. Because
of that, no one can really come. bummer, huh? Jessicas not
sure, Amandas sick, Leighs sick (but coming anyway) Lianas
dissapeared out of nowhere and Terrys religion prevents her
from celebrating birthdays (what a load of CRAP). Sharon
hasnt been at school and her phones been busy...

On a better note...Guess what Ms. Anderson told me??? That
my grades have IMPROVED A LOT and I have an A!!!!!!!!!!
lalalalala You know what? Liana is starting to get on my
nerves. I mean, she really bugs me sometimes. Ugh!
weeeelllllllll......if you want to know the story...Diary,
you KNOW that it wouldnt hurt me to lose a few punds, but
honestly---I have NEVER once said I'm fat, or that I need
to lose weight, and I eat NORMAL amounts of NORMAL food!
But Liana wont stop BUGGING ME ABOUT IT! No matter what I
do, she tells me 'you are anorexic' and you are super
skinny' and that I dont eat enough when I DO!!!! And I
appreciate her support---like 'you arent fat! you dont need
to lose weight!' but I never said that to anybody! I AM NOT
FAT! And her egging me on about it makes me feel even
fatter! Why would she need to reasure me so much if I wasnt
already NOT FAT????!!! oh shit.

I mean all these stupid, immature games get REALLY old. Its
like, why cant you just ask somebody out??? No, you have to
play stupid games. And why cant you just be someones
friend? No, you have to play stupid mind games when you're
mad. 'why are you mad?' "I'm not telling! You should KNOW
why! blah Blah BLah BLAh BLAH!" Its just crap. And I dont
want to fight with Liana, but she keeps provoking me.
Telling me I've changed, she never thought I'd be one of
those Girly girls who only liked makeup and clothes, and
that was all I cared about. HOW WELL DOES SHE KNOW ME
I am so sick of this crap. I g2g, thanks for letting me
steam! luv, Lily (^^)