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2002-01-28 11:10:47 (UTC)

Out of Controll

This situation is now out of controll.
I`ll have to explain it more later coz right now Im at
school and I need a note that is home so you would
As you probobly can guess its about Stian...

I called his brother on Saturday night, pretending I had
called the wrong number. Yes its him, I`ve found him.
He lives far away, there were two with the same name and I
called bouth. So I cant meet him, but Im gonna call agen
next weekend I think.

Ed sent me some messages, he had just got himself an
appartment and wanted me to come to his first party in his
new home two weeks fron now. Actually I wanna cme, how
stupid is it possible to get?
But Im working that weekand, so trhen I might have to sleep
over at his place....
Well, it cant be that dangerus, he`s gonna live with some
other boy.

Mo has almost not talked to me since the episode in the
phone. Sometimes it feels like he has been avoiding me.
He got home wedesday and stayd til Sunday but diddt come to
see me.Sunday we talked on the internet and then he was
fair. Maybe he`s just beeing shy, I know I would have been
imbarest, but I also know that I diddnt mean a thing of what
I said to him in the phone, he has to.
Well, he said things where better between he and his girl
friend, good for them.

T`Mark are stil going around talking about the big
ingaement, whats wring with them???
They`re not gonna get marrid.

Dante, oh you wont belive how much I hate him....
He`s so stupid, he was going to come to see me at Satturday
at work and then we would go out aftherwards (not on a date,
just waiting for my bus)
But he diddnt show up!!!
He`s the one who goes, oh I`ll never get to see you, I miss
you, you`re so sweet, you hassnt change a bit, bla bla bla.
And the he ask me if he can come out here, and I`ll say Im
verry bissy with school and work. And he ask when Im going
to the city and I`ll answer (but not always with the truth)
And he`ll say, can I see you then? But dont show up!!
Well, I dont care, its not like I want to see him, but I
just hate beeing lyed to.
Cesy is nice by the way, she talkes to him at msn messangers
and send me their chat aftherwards, so I can read what he
says about me. His last plan was to mail the present since I
said that I diddnt wantit. Im certaly not gonna open it now,
would it be verry mean of me to send ti back?
I dont want anything from him, and certanly not from a
person who lies to me.