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2002-01-28 10:04:26 (UTC)

Green Alien (Song Modified Version)

The time comes every night when i
open my window and search for you
i take a journey
through the stars
I catch a ride on a passing comet
we travel all night

Once I traveled far beyond our solar system
Into the belt of orion

I got lost that day
in another galaxy
I met up with a green alien
He had large blue watermelon eyes
he was adorable to me
I didn't want to scare him away
so I asked him quietly
"How do i get back to earth?"
his palm slowly opened
and a long boney finger
managed to reach the sky
the little green alien
frail and short and lonesome
generously pointed me
back home

I've been to Jupiter
I've sailed Saturns rings
I've seen Pluto
and I've touched Neptune

take the world
spin it round and round
and then turn around
I been everywhere

searching for you, you said you'd be right behind me
searching for you, you said that you'd always be with me

well where are you, he asks the skys
where are you, with his watered eyes
where are you, there's no replies
where are you, that's no surprise

The time comes every night when i
open my window and search for you
today I've finally realized
I've been searching the wrong places
cuz you've been here all along
riding on the same comet
searching for me

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