Marco Jacksonovic

Crazy What You Could've Had
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2002-01-28 10:02:41 (UTC)

Of Schoolgirls, Indecent Thinking And Ten Pound Notes.

Well, if anyone's into dream analysis now'd be the right
time to earn your corn. Woke up this morning, well, I was
rudely awakened by the dustmen but I'll pass the chance to
gripe, after 2 completely different dreams - literally 100%
different, from storyline to setting to person, all change -
neither of them offensive; I don't think so anyway,
neither of them involved me and a cheerleader, maple syrup
and a skip of rotting cabbage leaves (No. I never have, but
I know a man who has....).
The first one then. Easy enough.
I went to look in my wallet and it was full of the
traditional things, you know, loose change, cheese
stickers, Sprite labels, photos of a friend's girlfriend's
dog, that kind of thing. Now, normally, I tend not to have
much cash in there note-wise, maybe just a fiver, or if I'm
really lucky, a tenner. But this time I looked in, and
there was a tennner straight, as they are, for they never
come as change, and a fiver screwed up down the side of it.
I took them both out, and added them up to £15. No biggie,
but I thought I was a bit lucky on that front, more than I
expected. Then I looked to whence they had come and saw
another fiver screwed up even more at the bottom, and
thought to myself "Yes! Winner!", as you do. £20. Then, my
final glance left me even more surprised, as I a final
fiver rolled up and pressed to the bottom. I took that out,
straightened them all out and counted them again. I was
right. £25. Nice one I thought.
Then the dream ended. The next dream was even, I think,
more odd. It'll be a great advantage if you watch
Hollyoaks, as that is where it set. And also if you know
the story of Ellie Hunter (of Hollyoaks fame). If you know
Hollyoaks, and are a red-blooded male, you'll no doubt have
thought indecent thoughts of Lisa Hunter (on the plus side,
she's not a real side, I say....). -
Quick interjection. As one of my mates says. "They're old
enough when they leave school, and they leave school at
3.30". - anyway, it involves the aforementioned very cute
Note to self; try to find other instances where another
dream involving the phrase "very cute schoolgirl" shouldn't
lead to the dreamer being locked up.
Anyway. I'm sat watching Hollyoaks with my housemates,
are we are wont to do. This already puts me in the eye of
viewer, and its a rôle I fulfil until the end of the dream.
Lisa is out doing her schoolgirl thing; attending school,
slightly annoying shopkeepers, bitching about boys,
thinking she looks fat; you know, that kind of thing. She
stops at the side of what is best described as an old-style
beetle with the top cut off, and a big ornament where once
it was. Now, I think it was a cheese, but I'm in no way
sure. Its not important.
Then, up to the car walks a girl who looks very similar
to Lisa, a bit rounder face, but still recognisably similar
(not recognisably simian - that would just be wrong. Just
wrong). Lisa's face changes to disbelief as she obviously
recognises this girl, leaving the viewer to think 'Ellie!
Hey hey!', a view that is confirmed by Lisa's running up
and shouting 'Ellie! Hey Hey!'. I'd like to think the
storyline developed a great deal, but I only remember them
re-uniting and reminiscing, and trying not to be spotted by
Les, who was driving around, but eventually he, well,
didn't find them, for he wasn't looking, but then its
always harder to find something you aren't actually looking
for, but he came across them. All was resolved.
And I woke up. Eh? Great dreams, I think.