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2001-04-21 15:36:31 (UTC)

Gloss covered pages


So today was one of those days when it would be perfectly
acceptable to write "nothing happened," but to be honest I
think I'd rather bore you (assuming you're not already
asleep) with the stupid trvial facts of my day - a
definition of the word "journal" in the sims dictionary.

**Boop boop beedo**

It's weird what you do to fill in those empty spaces in
your day, I went through the whole "I'm fat" stage and
the "It doesn't matter" stage in one day, gotta be a

But in a world where models are either not wearing
enough clothes or wearing too much make-up it's hard to
do both ever. Some people get sucked in to the "I'm ugly"
black hole and never come out but rest assure I won't the
assurance depends on whether you want me to or not)
because no matter what I look like I'll still be hopelesly
addicted to neopets (that really sounded like i was going
to admit a non existent drug addiction) and still be drooling
over Keanu Reeves (ok, so his acting skills don't go much
further then a doormat, but surely one more talentless buck
won't harm an already saturated world of fakes) and, yes I
would still be typing in this diary, because you are one of the
phases I drift in and out of during school holidays and I
sincerely hope I don't drift out of you.

**I also hope my teacher won't mind when i return to
school, unable to write stories that don't reek of death**