2002-01-28 10:01:49 (UTC)

I'm going to spend the rest of my life giving you ALL OF ME :)

I'm going to spend the rest of my life giving you ALL OF ME
and loving you more then anyone ever has loved you. We'll
be best friends. We'll listen and talk with each other for
hours like we did on those 8 hour drives, and when we layed
in bed at night. :) We'll drive around everywhere and SING
like crazy people. We'll make it a point to drive to every
city at night with our windows down screaming, like the
night in Boston, pretending to have mad sex. :) Then after
we are all horney we'll go make mad passionate love! :)
We'll watch movies at 3 in the morning and hold each other
all night. We'll run through giant purple tulips fields and
play hide and go seek. We'll kiss and make love in the dirt
right there in the middle of it all! :) We'll run in the
fog and the rain and go find our dancing spiders once
again. We'll take the canoe out in the middle of the pond
and stare at the stars all night. We have to do it in the
summer though so it will be warm enough to have sex in the
canoe! Wooo!!! I want you back so bad!!! I want your
kisses, and hugs all the time forever and ever!

Forever can only come true with you. You don't have to
worry about a thing Allison. :) Even if you locked yourself
in your little Utah dorm room all day for a year, stuffed
yourself on cake, only studied, and gained 150 pounds,
nothing would change. A year from now when I saw your 250
pound fat little body hobble out of the big plane I would
run up to you and kiss you and hug you. You would still
have the cutest face I have ever seen and we would still
get married and have passionate sex all day for the rest of
our lives. As long as you never ever lose that personality
of yours that I love so much, and you feel the same way I
do you have me FOREVER. :) Woo! I'm wicked happy right
now :) but I'm sad too cuz it is going to be SUCH a long

fuck. :/