Realizations of a 24yr old convict
2002-01-28 09:56:57 (UTC)

What to say, Dont smoke!!!!No..

What to say, Dont smoke!!!!No got a job offer worth taking
but just sorta got everything where I want it out here so
NO. Its crazy how many times I get offered jobs worth having
networking I guess or mabe just having people around you
who are impressed with you so they speak highly of you when
these things come up.Parole doesnt really suck I just act
as right as I can I slip up but you know???
Anyways Schools good got this principals of ameriacn
constition and GOV. class the problem is the teacher is
also a philosiphy teacher also so hes way out and Ill tell
you it aint going to be a pretty semester in that class.
I like it though and I think about that clas more then any
other. Funny I think about the blonde one in class and then
were out the other night and my heads thinking about class
anint that life.Saw jenifer shes a strange one but fun. Oh
yeah got a little free time yesterday and strolled to the
target to mabe buy some more digital stuff thought mabe
another camera or some things. Strange thing though its
getting to where now I crash into people everywhere
better trim the social activity. But I saw this guy, trip
out in this hick town I knew in a past life.He was tripping
to see me out here I think went to high school with him.
Dont really remember much hell I never really went. I do
remember crashing into him at partys and stuff though.
But just strage out here to see some one else. He told me
about people I hadnt thought about in years so it was cool.
I should write more but I got up before the sun today and
its gone down now by about 7 hours.
saw erika the little one today girly brought her by my work
Id keep her she gonna be 12 soon(she the little carol
bernette one I was speaking about some time ago.
She really is the coolest kid I ever met. got attacked by
her dog then she fell down some stairs shes an absolute
princess. said she cutting school tomarro to go to reno
with girly If i didnt have school Id deffently rush them
so I could take her ass to the mall and buy her some gear
she doesnt care about those things not cause shes young
just cause she lives here I think and her family doesnt
have much cash so that plays a part.
Anyways I had like real points to make but not just
hammer those few thoughts Ive alreafdy been here for like 5
mins and I gotta get to sleep.
With love and respect
spit fire
Fuck I didnt even type one things I was thinking when I sat