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2002-01-28 09:50:40 (UTC)

The Night City Streets Are Beautiful

I want to go into the city with Allison. I want to walk
around everywhere there is to walk all night. I want to see
streetlights lining the road gleaming its dim light on the
sidewalk benches. I want to see the leaves rush down the
street as the wind carries them away. I want to see people
walking up and down the road. All the differen't people. I
want to observe them and look at them. I like them because
they are differen't. That makes them interesting. I want to
look at them and guess who they are. Where they have been.
Where they work. What they like. Like the day in Boston on
the subway train. I love doing that. I am beginning to love
the city. I want to get in my car and go there right now
and walk around all night. I would if she was here. I would
take her RIGHT NOW and we would go. But I am alone and it's
just not as fun like that. It's just not worth it without
her there with me. I loved the Boston trip and walking
around all day in the big city. I loved it even more at
night. It's so beautiful. When you get back Allison lets
move to Boston or some big city where we can walk around
all day and night and call it home and don't ever have to
leave. :)

Jake is sad. Jake misses his Allison.

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