2002-01-28 09:50:22 (UTC)

Favorite Sound

Kevin and I went to see my mom today. Thank god she is
doing WAY BETTER then when I saw her last night. I am so
releaved. She is coming home tomorrow.

I got out of my car tonight at Kevins afterwords and stood
there for a long time. It had snowed all day and it finally
stopped. The trees where covered in blue moonlite and
shadows of the skinny tree branches made scary looking
patterns on the snow covered road. The sky was grey and
black and there was an aggresive gust of wind blowing
through the trees. It made this sound. This really
amazingly gentle sound that calmed my whole body. I loved
that sound. It made me not want to go inside at all. I
wanted to get a chair and sit outside and listen to it and
watch the trees bend over all night. But it was cold and
Kevin would think I was nutz. The sound was so calm and
relaxing to me.


Then you could hear the leaves hitting each other after the


It was awesome. The sound of that long gust of wind blowing
through the tree branches over and over is my favorite
sound ever.