2002-01-28 09:37:59 (UTC)

I lost your ring....

At work today i lost your ring.... not the LIFE one. The
other one. :/ I went to wash my hands and i was like WTF
its not there! ah!! so i frantically searched everywhere! I
had been sweeping and dumped the sweepy tray thingy in the
trash can and i thought maybe the ring fell off in the
trash. so i took all 3 trashes that were out back and tied
them and put them in my car. lol. i was gonna search
through them until i found the fucker. IT MEANS SO MUCH TO

Everyone thought i was insane. Especially Richy. lol he's
so cool you haven't met him yet. hes a chinese kid... well
19 year old. He's so kool and was trying to help me find
it. haha. He was laughing the whole time because all he saw
was this insane white boy going through the trash and
getting all dirty over a ring. haahahahahaha.

Anyway, i put the bags in my car to search in later even
tho they were filled with sickening garbage and nasty old
germy food. lol!

3 HOURS later i looked on the managers desk and the ring
was RIGHT THERE!! wtf!! no one even told me lol!!! So i
asked who found it and the retarded 25 year old guy that
works there found it on the floor way back 3 hours ago when
i was looking for it and he NEGLECTED to tell me LOL! He
didn't realize i was looking for it because he really
is "retarded" hahaa. I like him though.

After work i went to Ames, who sent me to Service
Merchandise (then after picking a damn number and making me
wait to call me for an hour) they sent me to this other
julers and they told me

"O we cant resize silver." Dammit! lol! So I'll just have
to be careful.

They said to go to the old port or something... we will
have to find a place down there sometime. I like these
rings and I don't want to ever lose them. :)

Anyway, i got them back and im happy. :)