2002-01-28 09:37:30 (UTC)

I Am Not Your Savior

I'm alive
when I'm screaming at the horizon
I'm alive
when my keys inside the ignition
I'm alive
running barefoot in the rain
I'm alive
It doesn't take much to entertain me

a simple walk in the woods
while I hum my favorite song
a sweet breath of your hair
while we're underneath the stars
thats all it really takes
to make me happy

I am not your savior
so get away from me
I am not your answer
so fucking go away
You tell me, you love me
you can't live without me
you call me, constently
and I don't even like you
I am not your savior
so fucking go away

you're alive
always doing what they tell you
you're alive
when you've got a busy schedule
you're alive
only material shit makes you happy
you're alive
your so fucking boring

when it rains you run and hide
you don't appreciate
you always complain
creativity's to long a word
you're never happy
you're not my type
stop calling me