2002-01-28 09:37:02 (UTC)

I Like The Snow

I like the snow.
The way the grass and trees are made of yellow crystals
when the sun shines off its surface.
I love waking up
opening my bathroom window
and smelling the snowy morning air.
Taking in the deepest breaths
I can possibly manage.
Through my nose filling my lungs
with beauty.

I love watching the sun rise
behind the crystal tree castles.
My squinting eyes struggle to stay open
emongst the eager rays that peak through the branches.
They leave everything they touch,
stained with morning sunlight.

I like the snow.
I want to eat it.
I want to roll around in it.
I want to make snow angels in it.
I want to make snowmen and go sliding....
but I think right now
I'll just rest here
in the open window
marveling at it all.
There is no other place
I would rather be.

Except in her arms.