2002-01-28 09:30:02 (UTC)

Green Alien

The time comes every night
When I open my window
And search for you
I take a journey
Through luminescent stars
Billions of them
Millions of light years away

I catch a ride
On a passing comet
And we travel all night

I've been to giant Jupiter
I've sailed the seas of Saturns rings
I've seen little Pluto
And I've touched the surface of Neptune

Once I traveled far beyond our solar system
Into the belt of Orion
And looked back
Expecting to see a giant sun
And nine little planets

I thought I was hallucinating
Because all I could see
Were billions of luminescent stars
Millions of light years away

I got lost that day
And ended up in another galaxy
On another planet
I met up with a little green alien
Large blue watermelon eyes
Contrasted with smooth green skin
He was adorable to me
I approached him quietly
Careful not to scare him away
I asked him,
"How do I get back to earth?"
His palm opened
and a long boney finger
managed to reach the sky
Frail and short
The little green alien
Pointed me home

Everytime I open my window
I see beautiful things
I wish I could see
With you
Every time I leave my window
I see beautiful things
and wish I could leave
With you

When I'm riding the waves of the comets tail
Sometimes it gets really cold
I wish you were there to hold me
And keep me warm

Sometimes when searching for you
We travel real close to the sun
And I forget to pick up my feet
The bottoms singe
On its bright red flare
I yell "OUCH!"
As I laugh to myself
For the stupid mistake
I laugh because
I know if you were there
You would be smiling
And laughing at me too

I've traveled to many places
I've seen many beautiful horizons
I've circled the solar system a billion times
And today I finally realized
I've been searching in all the wrong places

For every place I have searched
You have been with me all along
Riding on the same comet
Searching for me