2002-01-28 09:28:25 (UTC)


A kingdom filled with moonlit nights, sapphire sunsets, and
blinding snow covered pines. One breath of the open air
engulfed through the nose deep into the lungs sets you
free. You hover in a feeling of ecstasy mouth half open and
your eyes rolled into your head. Laying on my lap falling
asleep to the hum of my engine. Dancing in the rain, snow
angels in the snow, skating on the lawn, dancing spiders. A
smile so beautiful it melts the heart every time it reveals
itself. A heart filled with love for self and me. A mind so
smart and complicated. Eyes that hold a dark brown arrayed
sun circling the pupil. If you look into those eyes like I
do you can see the soul. It's mesmerizing. It's greater
then any beauty the world will ever hold. It is the very
definition of beauty itself. The soul of a single girl and
yet it is the same as the soul of a single boy. I am you.
You are me.

As you lay asleep in my arms at night I whisper in your ear
sweet melodies. I love you I love you Forever and ever. I
have found my true love. I love you. I kiss your cheek a
thousand times as you smile a smile so big the corners of
your mouth reach out and touch your ears. You love me with
all your heart and I can see it every time I look at you. I
can feel it every second I spend with you. I can taste it
every time I touch you.

They have no idea who you are. They will never understand
you. They think they can fix you and change you with there
money and expensive counseling clinics. They send you far
far away and think you will change. They believe it is best
for you. Just as the world became a better place for both
of us they went and swept you away. But they did NOT take
US away. We will be back together soon. It will be like it
was when you left soon enough. Nothing will keep me from
spending the rest of my life with you. NOTHING. You are my
life. You are me. With you gone it is like half of me was
ripped apart and shipped away. As I lay here dieing the
other half prays to god or what ever the fuck is up there
that you will return. You have to return or we will both
die. Without each other we are only half alive. That will
not do. Tell me where you are and I will rescue you.

I will come on my fleeting ship of silver-wagon steel and
escape with you from the white robe demons with the pointy
sharp knife instruments. We will run far far away on an
endless journey and never return. I kiss you now and tell
you everything is okay. I will be here waiting and tapping
my feet until you return. Tears will be my friend and will
help me in this ordeal. The ring of LIFE and the bent ring
of memory circling my pinky will be cuddled every night and
weeped on everyday in your absence. All your things will
remain intact with me and safe from your harboring parents.
I will try to lead a normal life with you gone and hope
that you are okay where ever you are. I didn't even get to
say goodbye.