2002-01-28 09:24:13 (UTC)

I remember....... Drive Into The Night

Vast kingdom
Embelished in beauty
Moonlit white nights
Sapphire blinding sunsets
I take a deep breath
Of the air around me
I kiss you
Make you hover in ecstasy

Drive into the night
Singing our songs
We saw dancing spiders
The engine hums
As you fall asleep
Eyes rolled back in your head
I love you

Just the soul of
A single girl
And yet the same as
The soul of a single boy
I am you
You are me
Asleep in my arms
Whisper sweet melodies

Corners of your mouth
Reach out and touch your ears
You smile as I kiss you

I can feel it
Right now
I can taste it
Right now
Just want to hold you

I love you