2002-01-28 09:23:04 (UTC)

I remember.... She Tasted Beauty

Every night i open my window and look at the stars. I
wonder if you are looking at the same stars. I wonder where
the fuck you are. I wonder when the hell you will be back.
I wish to every falling star and satellite I see for you to
be back before christmas, our anniversary.

I look up in the rain. I taste it. I remember my front
lawn. In iridescent headlights. The shadow of your arched
back. Your face to the sky. I remember your head knelt
back. Your mouth wide open. Your tongue sticking out. Your
eyes closed. Natures tears dancing on your forehead.
Dripping down your cheekbones. Circling your nose. Kissing
your lips. You tasted it. You tasted beauty before my very

I fell in love.

"The girl of my dreams will know how to taste beauty." I
said this to myself a thousand times before I met you. I
didn't even have to show the girl how for once in my life.

I remember as I taste it now. I remember as my tears and
natures tears meet in the crescent of my upper lip. I
remember as I scream at the top of my lungs. I remember how
beautiful beautiful is when beautiful is with beautiful
you. Now with you gone there is a piece missing. The
feeling is incomplete. My damp fingers wipe the tears away.
I kiss your rings and shiver. I'm not even cold. I am
alone. I have no one to see beautiful with now. I have no
one to feel beautiful with now. Only you truly understand

I love you forever.