2002-01-28 09:14:19 (UTC)

I remember.... Hanging By a Moment

Hanging By a Moment is on the radio. As if by coinscidence.
She always sang this song when we were together in the
beginning. It reminded her of me. Makes me so nostaligic.
So sad.
I just opened my wallet to see what time my interview was.
The card was hidden between two notes she wrote for me that
I keep in there, two notes that will remain in my wallet
with me at all times. i plan to keep in there forever,
until she returns.


One note says in blue pen,

"I (love with a heart) you jacob! - Allison"

and the other says,

"Jake - you are my love for all time. love you, Allison"


*I cry now*

I go to sleepy now.

night, night. :*(

I'll dream of you like always.
sigh... my love.
so sick of being sad.