2002-01-28 09:13:08 (UTC)

I remember.... Dock In Sebago

One night we went back to the place we saw the dancing
spiders. I parked the car and the white barked tree was
glowing yellow in the street light. We stared at it for a
long time because it was so pretty and beautiful. We got
out and went to the big dock in sebago. We chased each
other around and you showed me your karate moves. I showed
you the stretch drills we had to do in track. We ran up and
down the dock like 10 times and i was tired, so were you.
We kissed under the stars and laughed and we were so happy.
I miss you. I miss being happy like that. I miss being
happy with you. You made me who I am.

I wnet back here after you were taken away. I cried for a
long time staring at the white tree in the street light. I
took a picture of it with the camera you stole from cvs. I
took pictures of all the things we saw together that were
beautiful one day. I spent like 2 hours going around to
differen't places we had been. Like Eel Wire dam. Remember
I went way up top and you were standing in the dirt
driveway singing this amazing little melody? I looked at
you from the very top of the dam, like 60 feet up and you
laughed and i was like i love you!!!!!! hehe. Well anyway
when I had the film developed NONE of those pictures came
out. I don't knwo what happened. heh. O well. The ones of
you and me came out, and that's all that matters. :)

Ah the Memories.

I'm going through this stage where I keep writing the
memories we share here and there. There are so many. :)

I love you Allison.