2002-01-28 09:12:27 (UTC)

I remember.... Windowsill continued....

One time I was gone at a job interview for 4 hours.
When i got back it was dark.
My window was wide open, and she was sitting in it,
writing with my blanket on her.

I drove my car REALLY fast at her in the window, and she
was smiling so big in my headlights. She was so happy I was
home. :)

I went inside and there was this 2 page letter she had
written for me saying how much she missed me when I was
gone and how much she loved me and wanted me there so bad.
Even though it was only 4 hours. I missed her just as much.
I hate being away from her for any amount of time at all.
Even one minute is too long. hehe. I have what she wrote in
my hand right at this moment. I'm crying.... :*(

Fucking romantic little girl. ;)

I love that so MUCH because

I am a fucking romantic little boy. ;)

We are so perfect for each other.

It's insane.