2002-01-28 09:11:42 (UTC)

I remember.... Subway notes.....

I remember at subway we had our job interview. I was
talking to the lady for like 5 min then when I came to get
you there were two subway cards on the table filled with
your writing. You told me how much you love me and miss me
when I'm gone and that you love the feeling just after the
kiss and you want to hold it in your heart forever. You
told me you want to wake up in my arms for the rest of your
life and that you love me forever. I am holding the notes
now. When you had your interview I wrote you two pages as
well on those little notes. On the back of the last one I
told you,

"I'm so happy after reading these cards I'm crying.....
when we get in the car I am going to kiss you and kiss you
and kiss you!!!! I love you forever!!! :)"

It is the little things like that that mean SO MUCH to me.

So romantic.

So amazing.

Please come back. PLEASE.

I love you so much. SO MUCH.