2002-01-28 09:09:21 (UTC)

I remember.... wooooooo!!!!! In The Wal-Mart Carts.

We went to wal-mart..... why? I don't remember.....

Inside i said, "Get in the cart I'll push you!"

So I pushed you all over wal-mart while you sat in the
cart... at one point I bashed you into a pole and then ran
away. lol. When I came back around the isle you were all
wide eyed and pouting lol. Your face was saying,


Then I pushed you up towards the video-games and you looked
at everyone we went by. They were wondering what the hell
we were doing. haha. When we got there I picked up
the "Blue-Shift" half-life game and said,

"I haven't played this one yet......"

you said,

"You haven't!"

jake: "No, you have?"

Allison: "yah, i played it at Alex's house."


I went back to wal-mart after you left with Kevin like a
week later. The memory of us pushing each other in the
carts came back and I was trying really hard not to cry
right in the middle of the store.... we went to the game
section and I saw this game and stole it. lol. I got REALLY
far but I haven't beat it yet. lol. All cuz I missed you
and I remembered that you said you have played it.


Anyway I ended up getting in the cart by the video games
and you pushed me all around. Was so fun. I remember going,

"Woooooo!!!!!" as you flew me down the isle. lol.

Then out in the parking lot you raced me around it like a
few times and you spent like 10 minutes flying me around in
it. Was so fun lol. On the tar if you go,

"ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!" it comes out with the bumps
like, "uhauhauahauahauahauahauahauahauah"


That was like a day or two before they took you away..... :/

It makes me smile thinking about that day. :)