Dave's Mental Meanderings
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2002-01-28 07:47:06 (UTC)

Poem - "Good Company"

Passin’ by signs for broken-down towns,
You’ve seen a few ups and a lot more downs,
Seen the secrets hidden under the crowns,
You’ve seen it all and where did it get you?
You try to get close but the beast won’t let you,
Quickly forgotten by everyone who’s met you.
When you’re left for dead like a fish on land,
You look down at your pitifully empty hand
That someone somewhere should be holding onto,
But just where has that companion gone to?
And then it hits you like a freight train crash,
Your soul ain’t worth a pile of ash
If you can’t share it with someone nearby,
And it don’t matter how hard you try,
That certain someone don’t live in a little black book.
And even if you look
In every tiny cranny and nook,
No matter how near or how far,
You’ll find that it don’t live inside your guitar.
And once you’ve searched every last canyon,
It’ll seem like you ain’t got a single companion,
But don’t hang your head and fret,
It sure as hell ain’t over yet,
You’re far from placing your very last bet.
You’ve got plenty of friends surrounding you,
And they know your troubles a thousand times through,
They’re always right there by your side,
They get even closer when you try to hide,
They’re never far when someone shatters your pride,
They’re ever-present when you sit back and think,
And especially when you feel like you need a drink,
And when you’re at your worst they’ll just smile and wink.
These companions ain’t who you think they are,
They don’t live in a house or drive a car,
They have names like solitude and desperation,
Hopelessness, pessimism, and desolation.
For better or worse
You’ll embody their curse,
It’s a son-of-a-bitch of a cross to bear,
And you can bet your last penny that they don’t care,
But no matter how many folks point and stare,
These friends you’ve got will forever be there.