2002-01-28 07:27:43 (UTC)

I do not care !!!

All right so I haven't written in my diary in
awhile.Suddenly some of you think I have disappeared from
the face of the earth,well I haven't.I have been keeping
myself busy with work,the kids,mom was in the hospital.I am
back around now,thanks for the concern.
Speaking of concern the website has new added
features.Such as new reading material,only you will have to
find the "click here" to read it.Also the front page
features a Q.A.F banner..for those of you that do not know
Q.A.F = Queer as Folk.I have had some of you concerned that
adding a blantantly Gay Banner to my website is wrong.Well
guess what I DO NOT CARE !!!I have no homophobia..I happen
to enjoy the show very much and those of you that do not
like it..do not have to visit my site!! Because I really do
not want anyone that can not accept people for who they
are,there anyway!! I have a gay sister ..I have gay friends
and I am PROUD of all of them!!
I am not here to sit in judgement of anyone.I do not
discriminate people for their
race..color...height...weight..religious belief..or their
sexual preference!!It takes all of us to make this big ole
world go round.In the end we are just people.I believe one
of you said and I quote " It is pathetic for a straight
person to advertise homosexuality."
~laughs~ Pathetic interesting choice of a word..Now let me
tell you what I think is pathetic..its pathetic for a
person who is appearenly afraid of gay's or homosexuality
to sit in judgement of someone who is not.Pathetic is when
a tragedy has to happen Sept.11th for people to take notice
and realize that is still some good in the
Now just so there are no mistakes in understanding a
little bit about me and my sexuality...Well yes it is true
I like men...I find them completely fabulous,so that could
define me as straight.But I am female and love to pleasure
myself,the feel,the taste,the smell of myself there is not
one alive who can make me feel the way I can,so that could
deem me as gay. Narcissistic indeed .So ,I have sat in
judgement of myself..now define me as you see
fit...Pleasure is all mine..there is no equivalent..to self-