poisoned darkness
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2002-01-28 06:59:09 (UTC)

i'd like to meet death someday

i would like to meet him or her. who ever it is that
guides you from this life to the next. but i'd like to
talk to him before its my time. i think death for me would
be a man. a woman would bring me no comfort. death would
be someone to comfort me. more of a guide than anything
else. i think it would be really interesting to hold a
conversation with him, would he look the same as he would
on the day i die? would he look different becaseu he
wasn't there for me? would he even consent to talk to me?

this has been one of the worst weekends in history. i've
done nothing all that productive, i was hoping to see my ex
this weekend cuz he was in the mood to travel and i didn't
get back to him in time. grr. i needed his input, and i
know he read this at least once but i don't think he still
does. whatever.

i have a producer for my play!!! johnny is going to
produce for me. hehehehe no evil red head. hehehehehe.

bob is supposed to come visit in february. i've never been
this aprehensive about anything. and its not just the
visit. its the whole damn relationship.

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