I Live My Life by the Moon
2002-01-28 06:29:48 (UTC)

Sick as a Dog on a Log

Pfft.... I woke up this morning and realized just how sick
I was. It sucks my ass. Julia, who's in town, wanted to go
see Brotherhood of the Wolf, and I told her we should see
it tomorrow b/c I'm so sick, but will be better (I hope).
But tonight she IMed and told me that she was going to
David tomorrow to visit her cousin and Dan. Damn, I wish I
didn't have school b/c I would love to go with her.
Although I haven't seen Dan in about 3 or 4 years, his
voice on the phone sounds pretty damn fine...

I got a call from Kim today asking me if I wanted to go to
lunch tomorrow at the Great Wall (a local Chinese food
joint) with the gang. I wanna go, but mostly only if Jack
is gonna be there. God, I love that boy. If only he knew
how perfect we are for each other. Damn Shell, and her
relationship with Jack. Why can't he like me the way he
likes her? Well, I know I'm not his type, but that doesn't
mean we can't get it on if they break up...

Julia came into town on Friday night and wanted to hang
out. Which we did. But once we were at my house she told me
that she wanted to go smoke. And, of course, she knows that
I know hella people who smoke, so I am the one to
turn to. I called Taylor and he said that he would smoke
Julia out. Yea! (At the time anyway). So after Taylor was
done with some sound crew thing, we met at the AHS parking
lot to decide where to go. We drove to a little park on the
trail by where Dave lives. Taylor and Julia smoked, which
was fine by me, even though I desperately wanted
to do it, too. Ergh! Damn Youth Educators! I mean, I love
Bobby and Linda and I'm super excited about going to talk
to the kids, but I wanna drink and smoke and do all those
dirty things that teenagers are supposed to do.

Speaking of driving, while Julia is here, she doens't have
a car, which is fine b/c I can drive minors now. But while
I was driving her around on Friday, she was totally
freaking out b/c she got into a car accident about a week
ago. While I was driving Julia to go smoke, I had to pull a
hella tight U-ee in the parking to keep up with Taylor.

That just reminded me, Julia and I went to Baskin Robbins
to get ice cream on Friday. And, of course, the only reason
I wanted ice cream is b/c Dave was working. Why can't I get
over that boy? Argh! I know if I had a new boyfriend it
would be all good, or at least a good fuck, but nothing has
happened yet. I had a dream that he asked me out again a
few days ago. Just like right after he broke up with me.
It's so frustrating b/c I have only kissed two people since
him (Jack and Kim), but the Kim one was the only one that
kind of counted b/c it lasted for more than half a second.

Dave, if you're reading this, which I know you aren't, I
still love you. I know you never loved me, which is OK, but
I need to get laid. So call me, you know I'm easy.

Anyway, guess that's all for now.