pensive problematic

a thought in the mind of her
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2002-01-28 06:22:06 (UTC)

what i cannot SAY TO HIM...

tell me my what do i owe this visit?
i know you are hurting, but please tell me of what...
i can see it in your eyes. i know you sometimes feel like
no one can relate. your tember is running short. i do not
know how much loger you can bare this, but if you let me
in, maybe i could help? you're keeping me out for a
reason...and its killing me that i can only guess what it
is. i know that when we talked, you confesed of me being so
nice to you, was i the only one who treated you so? i
cannot read your mind, so i do not know what you think of
me. but if you speak of truth, then i know (from what you
have shared) what you think of other people. i hope you do
nothing foolish, but please remember that i once loved you.
i still do, but i cannot force you to do what you heart
does not desire. i want you to be happy. but lately i have
not had the pleasure of seeing your genuine smile of
happiness. i see your smile of shame. please do not hurt
yourself anymore. because it pains me to see you in sorrow.
it pains me to see you leading a life that is full of

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