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2002-01-28 05:18:35 (UTC)


The Songs: "Whatever, Whenever" - Shakira
"No More Drama" - Mary J. Blige

Yesterday was quite interesting. Earlier that day, I went
to study with Esther and Pacey at the library. It was
okay, I guess...wasn't full of drama or anything. I was a
little concerned beforehand about being a third wheel, but
it worked out fine. Jenna said that it would be stupid to
worry about it since she says that she thinks that I'm
closer to Pacey than Esther is. I think that it's the
whole deal with knowing that at one time he wanted to get
with her, as well as the crap that happened last summer.
But I think that things are better now...I finally see
Pacey coming correct consistently. So the studying was
fine. Then I ran errands with Claudia, and then I helped
set up for the swing dance, got Jenna, and came back.

The first two hours of the dance were okay, but I was kind
of bored b/c most everyone was partnered up, and in
addition I was wondering where Pacey was, b/c he showed up
before I had left to get Jenna but he wasn't there when we
came back. Then the line dances started up, and I figured
that I wouldn't worry about what Pacey was doing, b/c I
might as well have a good time regardless. So I was out
there doing that with everybody, and that was really fun.
Then Pacey showed up with two of his roommates who I'm cool
with , "Ralph" and "Roscoe." Roscoe also brought his
friend, this cute brotha whose name escapes me, who also
happens to be a med student. I also ran into quite a few
people that I hadn't seen in a while, so that was cool.

Then the party was on...we were shown before how to swing
dance, cha-cha, waltz (I think), and some forms of line
dancing. I liked doing the line dances, and it was a group
of us that were doing some stuff on our own, so it was
really fun. Pacey and I had did this bootleg form of the
waltz, which was interesting, and we were talking and
stuff. Bill was tearing it up, b/c he's got dancing
skills, and on top of that he was GQing in this all-black
contemporary sport suit, looking like he just popped out
from Miami Vice or something :). And Jenna was out there
dancing it down. So it was fun. Afterwards, I took Pacey
and this other dude home, since they didn't want to go
clubbin' with Ralph, Roscoe and his friend, and Jenna was
also in the car. Pacey was analyzing how well the VW runs
as well as my choice of radio station. The other dude was
cool too, kind of going along with Pacey.

So after dropping them off, Jenna and I helped Claudia with
her paper in my room, and then afterwards, I took them
home. But before that we went to the donut was 3
in the morning, and drunk white people were coming back
from partying, and this one dude was rolling on the shop that was crazy. The dude behind the counter
seemed pretty nice considering that he had to deal with
drunken customers and it was 3 in the morning. So that was

I talked to my mom earlier, and she said that our family has finally
found a church they has Christian cntemporary/Vineyard
worship, the pastor has more of a teaching style, and it's not too
charismatic. The way that she and my sister describe it, it seems a
lot like Pacey's church, so that's cool. The whole family, including
my sister and my dad, like it. That's cool, b/c I'm praying that
this will be a road through which my sister and dad will get saved.

Then I talked to my friend "Rita" earlier as well, and she was saying
that my ex-friend "Dum-Dum" is still acting a fool. She's been with
this dude "Watermelonhead" for almost five years, since towards the
end of my sophomore year (their junior year) of high school. But the
thing is that since Dum-Dum's been with him, she has basically
changed into a totally different person, alienated her friends, and
screwed up her college career by being in and out. In addition, she
has a baby girl and another kid on the way by Watermelonhead, who has
continually cheated on her throughout the whole relationship. She
waited for him while he was in prison and stood by him even though he
hasn't been faithful. Now you see why I call her "Dum-Dum"?!?!?! But
Rita was giving me the lowdown on their drama as well as her own, and
I'm telling ya, everytime I hear about the neverending mess, I thank
the Lord Jesus that I'm down here in Columbus and that I chose not to
stay in Detroit.