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2002-01-28 04:33:37 (UTC)

Day 6 ( Parks )

Now, did that just pissed me off!I had just almost finished
writing in my journal a minute ago of todays events and i
got BOOTED off just like that. I lost the page that i wrote
so i have to do the darn thing all over again, dammit! I am
really tired and want to go to sleep.
I am finishing listening to the ten o'clock news. Michael
fell asleep on the couch and Colton is laying on the living
room floor waiting for mom to go to bed.
Today was park day for me and the boys. Another beautiful
day for the end of January. It got up to 68 degrees.
The boys, michael friend (Steven) Colton, and myself left the house
about noonish to go to Toysrus to trade batterys out and to 3
different parks. We just kind of hung out. It was too nice to stay
home indoors. Michael puked going around on the tire
swing..........yuke! On the way home i bought some firewood .