Is the Supercross season not here yet?
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2002-01-28 04:14:36 (UTC)

Nutter Butters and Instant Oatmeal, Dinner of Champions

Well, yet another weekend has gone by and that sucks. Its
a good thing I didn't have any homework, I wouldn't have
done it anyway.
There are 13 people online right now, but yet I'm talking
to no one. *shakes her head sadly* What a pitiful little
life I lead, heh. Let's see Phoenix last night, all I have
to say is damn AOL!!!! I got everything up till the
beginning of the 250 main, and WHAM all the sudden my
computer gets crappy. The radio was either buffering or I
was getting booted. So total, I only heard 7 min 36 sec of
the entire 250 main event! Piss me off! I here "Tim Ferry
is..." what? down? passing someone?! "The leaders RC...."
Where's Travis?! Is he ok? Where's Vuillemen? MC? ...
finally I when the Races is over I get "RC wins followed
by, Pastrana, and Vuillemen...MC followed by..." that's it!
How irritating! *Growls* That was so not fair...
Well, its supposed to get below freezing on Tuesday, Wed.,
and Thurs. this week. That sucks, I hate being cold, and
having to shovel the blasted snow! Grrr.
Good News: My bowling arm is all better! Woooohooo! And
my butt no longer hurts every time I sit down... My finger
hurts where I burnt it changing the oil yesterday, but its
all good besides that.
Let's see... I need to raise $2,400 for Russia, and I have
a grand total of $55, heh. Not good, I need to get off my
ass and do some serious fundraising! And what kinda sucks
is we only get to spend 1 day in Moscow. Oh well, at least
we're spending some time there. And the only reason we
aren't spending more is because of the 'safely reason'.
I'm like, I'm probably in more danger on my bike trying to
do wheelies than I will be in Russia! But oh well, nothing
I can do about it. And hey, even if I were to be killed in
Russia, I would probably not only become famous, but it
would at least be a differnt, unique way to die. Probably
not the most pleasant, but anyway... Ok moving on...
Actually, I'm going to go take my shower and go to bed.
Ah! Sleep, what a foreign concept... Wow *amazed at the
concept of sleep* ...