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2002-01-28 04:14:25 (UTC)


OMG IT'S MY BIRTHDAY! it's the 27th of course. hm today was
great. i got online and everyone was like HAPPY BIRTHDAY! i
feel so loved! thanks all of you. and i got to ground drive
lady today. my parents gave me a driving harness so i can
start driving lady. i just need a cart now. but i think
lady's been driven before b/c she went really well. just
need a little work on the turns. and then after that i went
over to janet's and got to watch holly point a bird. it was
really neat. then when i got home, i got ready to go out to
dinner. i got to get my chicken alfreado! lol. it's so
good. kim went w/ me, my mom, my dad, and my brother. and i
got some really cool stuff from them. so overall, it was
really a great birthday. i dont think i could've handled a
huge party. i guess you can still have your sweet 16
birthday without all that stuff. lol. it was nice. and now,
i'm supposed to be in bed, but no. lol. i'm wide awake
typing this. and i have to go to school tomorrow too.
great, eh? oooooo! i go for my permit test tomorrow. hehe.
i'm hoping i'll pass. well i think i will. i mean, i just
read the whole book over again. i should be ok. :-D
anyways, i should go to bed so i can actually get up
tomorrow morning. i really would like to get SOME sleep.

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